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Welcome to System X2, the internet's only
genuinely mathematically based football
betting prediction site.
All football matches, without exception, can
end in only one of 3 possible outcomes - a
home win, a draw or an away win.

But what if you had a system that narrowed
those possible outcomes to two?
Now how about if somebody could narrow the
number of matches to choose from by up to
80%, so that instead of having to make your
choices from,  for example, over a hundred
games, you were actually only choosing from
a fraction of that.

And what if  that somebody then told you that
those choices, already reduced to a small
pool, were averaging a sustained success rate
of over 70%?
Hows that for a helping hand?

System X2 will do all of that for you. Our
extensive analysis of form is entirely based on
our complicated mathematical algorithms. We
constantly analyse all matches and pick only
those that are selected by our non-stop
analysis. We examine form in leagues all over
the world all year round to do the research for
you. And then we give you the results of that
analysis. We do all the hard work for you.

You'll never eliminate luck, ever. But there's
nothing wrong with giving it a helping hand.

How nice is that? Welcome to System X2.
Enhancing your chances.
Shortening the odds.